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Labor of Love


Old Lady Homes require a little extra elbow grease to keep them "Big, Bold, and Beautiful". 

They are truly labors of love, and it is an incredible privilege to own one.  We have re-invested every penny of revenue during our tenure back into Everhope using local labor whenever possible.  Our customers support our local economy greatly, in multiple ways, and in population less than 3,000 people it is a huge boost.


  • Barn extension

  • Add an additional water well

  • Coloumn repairs

  • Sand and paint main antebellum home

  • Swimming pool? ;)


  • Painted a significant portion of the main home interior

  • Added a grand piano

  • Replaced rocking chairs for the "rocking" porches

  • Updated appliances


  • Covid-19


  • Replaced air conditioning unit

  • Replaced rotten wood siding on outbuildings with Hardie board

  • Painted interior and exterior of addition

  • Replaced two door handles/locks with authentic period hardware

  • Custom built new Everhope signs for each entrance

  • Shutters, shutters, shutters! (in process)


  • Replaced rotten wood siding on addition with Hardie board siding 

  • Installed two custom pine carriage house doors from Tennessee

  • Re-painted about 60% of Everhope's white "horse fencing"

  • Painted Everhope addition exterior

  • Bricked the last interior wall of the pecan shelling house

  • Extensive tree trimming


  • Pecan Shelling House Restoration, which took 10 months:  2 bathrooms, living room, loft bedroom.  Everhope can now accommodate 16 guests (in beds...LOL ;>) !

  • Custom built fire-pit using old brick

  • Laid 4 truckloads of gravel to beautify and secure one driveway

  • Poured some 8 trucks of concrete into the carriage house, including two patios

  • Acquired, restored, and installed two c. 1930s gas station doors into the carriage house

  • Placed a "bamboo xhield" around the bamboo garden to contain the growth

  • Rebuilt decayed fencing

  • Re-painted about 50% of Everhope's white "horse fencing"

  • Power-washed the antebellum home and outbuildings

  • Incorporated commercial grade rolling suit/dress hanging rack in each bedroom


  • New architectural shingle roof on the antebellum home  (40+ feet in the air! Everyone was safe.)

  • Landscaping gardens with "native" plant life

  • Bucket truck used for extensive tree trimming

  • Drew up the plans/costs for the Pecan Shelling House Restoration to be completed in 2017


  • Rebuilt front porch of main home with Trex decking

  • Front porch columns repaired and re-sealed

  • Rebuilt fencing where decay occurred

  • Bucket truck used for extensive tree trimming

  • Carriage House Restoration: Installed 1830-ish barn wood on all walls.  Installed lighting

  • New tin roof on the back of the house (a 1990's addition)

  • Replaced some wood siding, on the house addition, where needed

  • Laid a brick walkway to the Pecan Shelling House

  • Re-pointed the front of the antebellum house brick walkway


  • Painted the the house addition - back wall and porch

  • Replaced a water well, pump and piping

  • "Custom" built 3 new screen doors

  • Professionally cleaned all windows

  • Restored another guest quarters

  • Built one guest quarters from the ground up

  • Installed brick stairs, on top of existing concrete, at the front of the main antebellum home

  • Built brick pedestals for 2 Lions to protect the front of Everhope ;>

  • Re-pointed the interior chimneys


  • Purchased and hung an antique British Street Light chandelier on the front porch

  • Removed some 15 dead peach trees and planted 3 pecan trees, some 10 peach trees and a couple fig trees

  • Built grape harbor and planted some grape vines

  • Power-washed the antebellum home and outbuildings

  • Rebuilt a section of fence

  • Took tenant quarters down board by board

  • Excavated fence line overgrowth

  • Bucket truck used for extensive tree trimming

  • replaced multiple thorn bushes with azaleas


  • Replaced water pipes in main home

  • Purchased and installed a 2,000 pound utility pole as a flag pole with US and Alabama Flags

  • Purchased and hung picture rail on plaster walls

  • Inserted cedar into closets

  • Painted front porch

  • Painted some of interior

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