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Amanda and Barden

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Barden purchased Everhope in 2012 to enjoy the countryside, while trying to become a cool cowboy, with a property near his undergraduate Alma Mater.  He was prepared for new experiences but was surprised with just how vastly his life would change. The daily adventures of utilizing the land to live, the satisfaction of employing locals in population 3,000 America, the rewards of historic preservation, and introductions to phenomenal people in-town and around the world.

A few years later, he met Amanda, and she grew to love Everhope almost as much as she loves Barden.  She moved from Ohio in November 2019 to marry Barden and make Everhope more than just a storied house and once again a home.

Everhope's B&B success led us to the launch of our Ivory Dynasty property in 2020 in downtown Tuscaloosa.  Thus our brand is named "Collodge" with multiple unique properties serving the wonderful University of Alabama community.  

At Collodge, we value hand selected craftsmanship over mass production, preservation over green-field development, and architectural diversity over cookie-cutter.  We take orphaned properties (Ex:  on the market for years, vacant, etc.) and turn them into once-in-a-wold experiences for thousands of visitors from around the world.  At Everhope the antebellum mansion was preserved and its foothold strengthened via an approximately 2,000 square foot addition, incorporating bathrooms, laundry rooms, and a state of the art kitchen, as well as lovingly restoring several outbuildings.  At Ivory Dynasty, we preserved some original 1950 features, including plaster walls, hardwood floors, hand crank-windows and plantation shutters while saving landfills to the best of our ability.

We are committed to growing with the community and have hosted pro bono events for The University of Alabama Business School, Language Department, and Nursing School; the Japan America Society; the City of Eutaw; the Alabama Trust for Historic Preservation; the Greene County Industrial Development Board; the Greene County Historic Society and Wounded Warriors.  In 2018, Barden was placed on the Board of the Alabama Trust for Historic Preservation.  He also serves on the Board of the Japan America Society of Alabama amongst others.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us and recognizes our contributions to the community. 


After spending over 1,000 nights in hotels around the world, Barden is certain your Collodge experience will be memorable.  See what our guests have to say!  We invite you to be exceptional, like Everhope and Ivory Dynasty, so come and visit!

All the best,

Amanda and Barden

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