Rooms and Reservations

*Read Before Booking*

- There are two-night minimums for U of A home football games and graduation. No cancellations for these events.

- A refrigerator is available for guests, but please be considerate of others who may also wish to use it.

- We provide coffee and simple continental breakfast items.

- Fast, reliable internet in our rural area is still just a dream, but Verizon provides basic cellular data coverage.

- Free wifi is available within and immediately outside the Eutaw library for any data-intensive needs.

- One bedroom, the Pecan Shelling House, has satellite TV.  If this room is unoccupied, you may access the TV.

- Children over the age of 13 are welcome.

- If your reservation was made within 48 hours of arrival, it is imperative that you notify us by phone, as instructed in your booking e-mail.

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