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The Fight to Keep Eutaw on the Map

Greene county is home to under 7,730 citizens.  According to the most recent census, this reflects a 7.9% decrease.  The county's population is 81% African American, making us the fourth-most heavily black county by proportion in the United States.  Unemployment is high in our rural county.

Fewer than 3,000 people reside in Eutaw, the county seat.  The percentage of citizens "with a disability, under age 65 years" is 21%.  

As an outsider who choose to live in Greene County and Eutaw over a decade ago, it is an honor to live in and contribute to this community.  


Often called the "Blackbelt" because of the dark fertile soil in central Alabama and northeast Mississippi, this was once a thriving region, growing many crops over generations.  Today the Blackbelt is one of the poorest regions of our country.
This is but a small part of a larger issue.  
The Grayline Group reports, "World populations are increasingly moving from rural to urban centers, making for larger cities with greater population density than ever before. This is a global phenomenon across the spectrum of developed and developing economies. We are increasingly becoming an urban world."


Each dollar you spend in Eutaw has a tremendous economic impact that helps sustain a community.  Below are examples of people whose lives are positively impacted by your decision to visit Eutaw. 

"Smokin' Joe"


Smokin' Joe's family has been in this part of Alabama for generations, and he is dedicated to preserving his family recipes.  His speciality is barbecue, but his Southern cooking rivals the best of the best.  His BBQ sauce is on its way to a major grocery chain, and Everhope is honored to play a small part in his success.

Inquire if he is available to cater your private event.


Calvin H.

Grounds Keeper

Calvin has cared for Everhope through multiple owners.

Calvin keeps our grounds hedged and edged and is always working on a new beautification project, whether it is painting, staining, or preparing for an event.

Jamie (far right)



Jamie was Everhope's Carpenter from 2012 until his death in 2018. 

Jamie's final contribution was 10 months of preservation efforts for the Pecan Shelling House.  It now stands as a tribute to his artistry and friendship.

Jamie was a true subject matter expert and friend who is dearly missed.


Calvin D.

Brick Mason


Calvin was Everhope's brick mason until his death in 2020. 
Calvin repointed every chimney and laid countless bricks at Everhope, including the parking pad, front stairs, Pecan Shelling House, Lion 
pedestals, and multiple walkways.  

Calvin was a true subject matter expert and friend who is dearly missed.

"Brick" Rick
Brick Mason


Rick worked with our late brick mason Calivin during his entire Everhope tenure.  Since 2020 Rick has carried forth and we are incredibly thankful.

Rick is another local and we always try to use local sujbect matter expertise.  


Delphine McKenzie

Licensed Massage Therapist


Delphine is a long-time Eutaw resident specializing in stress relief, muscle balancing, deep tissue, sports injuries, joint therapy and foot reflexology.  

Delphine will come to Everhope to provide you a massage in the comfort of your bedroom.

To reserve, call Delphine at:
205 799 4111

Braxton Dixon



Brax was a renowned architect and builder, best known for building Johnny Cash's home.  He also built homes for the likes of Roy Orbison and countless other country music stars.  He built using 100% old materials.  

Brax passed away in 2017, but we were incredibly fortunate to have Brax's input throughout our restoration efforts.


Tracy Whitfield

Owner, Mandy's Cakes


Tracy bakes amazing cakes and other treats for the greater Tuscaloosa community.  She is often accompanied by her son, an avid Alabama fan and treasured friend of Everhope.

If you would like a wedding, birthday, or just because cake, Tracy should be your first call.

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